south shade parasol

  Why settle for merely functional shade when you can elevate that basic function into an incomparable statement of personal style? Pretty up your parasol with one of South Shade’s curated designer ranges or custom design, it and have something wholly unique. As a core value South Shade support sustainability, care for our planet and its resources. Their aluminum frames are durable, 100% recyclable and are eco-friendly. The inks and fabrics are made for outdoor living and are more robust in the sun, compared to traditional materials without eco-credentials. The UV inks are recyclable. South Shade happily guarantee UV products as “no fade” for up to two years, but believe that with proper care and storage, 5 years is achievable. The benefit of our canopies from a financial and aesthetic point of view, for a myriad of industries and applications, is undeniable.   They have a customer-friendly returns policy and…

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When you buy from us, you’re not only supporting our business, you’re supporting the businesses of local producers across South Africa . We acknowledge the major channels that customers know and trust and for this reason we have decided to list selected best selling products on the platform as of 20 June 2021 .   It’s been a interesting journey indeed and fascinating to see how the whole system just works . It starts with registering on their platform, motivating and being screen for business health and suitability. This along can take a week or so . Once registered one needs to complete intensive onboarding courses. Only then can you start to create and load products . Once each product is approved  you need to dispatch stock to the Cpt and jhb DC in a 30/70 split . Being based in Johannesburg I took some of our stock along…

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Gathering is a lifestyle brand that is rooted in gathering a premium and unique collection of interesting products, with an appeal to people who are energized and motivated to make the changes needed to create an environment that embraces personal wellness ( physical, mental and intellectual).  Together with social and environmental wellness, because the products are created locally and made / packaged naturally, using current knowledge of best practice in the eco-sustainable production.

Inspired by Art Deco these classic 6 inch tiles, 150 x 150 mm, are designed by Lisa Liebermann and handmade in South Africa. The method used to create the design is called tubelining and was popular in the nineteen twenties. Using a special blend of clays and glazes Umbubano tiles are made to last. They are produced under the umbrella of Umbubano, a South African initiative that supports locally handmade Pottery and Tiles.