Our products are sourced and created locally

We want like-minded friends and family to gather and to celebrate their homes, their lives and each other, in settings created by them in an eclectic and beautiful celebration of wholesome and sustainably crafted objet dÁrt, furnishings and fittings.  Our lifestyle brand is committed to sourcing local, involving communities, and gathering a premium and unique collection of interesting products made for us by master craftspeople in our region.  We wish to motivate our community to make the changes needed to act in the interests of the greater good, by creating an environment that embraces personal, social and environmental wellness.  Our products are created locally,  packaged naturally, and delivered regionally.



Our products are made and packaged naturally

Our 100% Compostable Bubble-Wrap Alternative, is made from 90gsm, unbleached kraft paper and can be safely composted or recycled.

The raw material used to create Paper Pop comes from sustainably managed forests – FSC Approved

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