Now available on takealot

Now available on takealot

When you buy from us, you’re not only supporting our business, you’re supporting the businesses of local producers across South Africa . We acknowledge the major channels that customers know and trust and for this reason we have decided to list selected best selling products on the platform as of 20 June 2021 .


It’s been a interesting journey indeed and fascinating to see how the whole system just works .

It starts with registering on their platform, motivating and being screen for business health and suitability. This along can take a week or so . Once registered one needs to complete intensive onboarding courses. Only then can you start to create and load products .

Once each product is approved  you need to dispatch stock to the Cpt and jhb DC in a 30/70 split .

Being based in Johannesburg I took some of our stock along to the Jhb DC and it was such an interesting experience so see this well oiled machine running . The staff are very friendly and the sheer volume of the operation is overwhelming.

Stock is scanned in , volumetric taken , checks and added to a pallet and zooms off into this massive warehouse. Now we wait for our valued customers to find us and order.


We are hopeful that working together with these big ecommerce entities we can help uplift local artisans and bring back a health local quality economy.

By : Guy McGregor

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