Introducing South Shade Parasols

Introducing South Shade Parasols

south shade beach theme parasol


Why settle for merely functional shade when you can elevate that basic function into an incomparable statement of personal style?

Pretty up your parasol with one of South Shade’s curated designer ranges or custom design, it and have something wholly unique.

As a core value South Shade support sustainability, care for our planet and its resources. Their aluminum frames are durable, 100% recyclable and are eco-friendly. The inks and fabrics are made for outdoor living and are more robust in the sun, compared to traditional materials without eco-credentials. The UV inks are recyclable.

South Shade happily guarantee UV products as “no fade” for up to two years, but believe that with proper care and storage, 5 years is achievable. The benefit of our canopies from a financial and aesthetic point of view, for a myriad of industries and applications, is undeniable.


They have a customer-friendly returns policy and will ship free of charge anywhere in South Africa and at cost anywhere internationally.


South Shade supply wholesale stock on MOQ’s to third-party sellers.

Gathering is now a stockist of South Shade and there are over 86 designs to pick from

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